Shareable photo goes viral as part of integrated digital marketing campaign

Situation: Pope Francis addresses the world on September 1st and asks for Catholics and Non-Catholics to join him in prayer and fasting for peace in Syria. He was responding to a potential military strike from the U.S. in the aftermath of a horrendous chemical weapons attack in Syria on its own people. The plea was made after the conclusion of Sunday services across the U.S. However, the day of solidarity in prayer and fasting would occur the following Saturday, before the next day of worship. That meant the call to prayer and fasting would potentially never reach millions of U.S. Catholics.

Goal: Move quickly to reach as many Catholics in the U.S. as possible to drive awareness of Pope Francis’ plea and to educate with a variety of interactive material.

Solution: Harness the power of social media to seed a shareable photo that would contain all the information needed for awareness and further action and that could easily be digested on any device.

Components: The image was carefully chosen so that Pope Francis was looking directly at the user. A question was used in the headline to force an internal answer. Common hashtags were added in order to both explain the situation further and connect with a broader movement. The short URL, with embedded tracking, was added to quickly redirect users to a landing page full of rich media.


The results: Astounding. And there is no better way to showcase astounding than through an infographic.


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