Five things to ask yourself every Friday

Successful people know where they stand. They know what they are doing well and where they need to improve. A self examined life is the key to success.

Here are five things to ask yourself every Friday on your way home from work.

1. What could I have done better? (This should be a non-personal assessment. Don’t beat yourself up.)

2. To whom do I owe an explanation?
(Consider anyone you may have treated unfairly or any broken promises. Be willing to approach these people first thing Monday morning.)

3. What was my biggest win? What was my biggest loss?

4. Of what was I afraid? (List the fears that are getting in the way of your success.)

5. Where have I been selfish? (We are selfish beings by nature. Sometimes it’s not a bad attribute in business. But other times it gets in the way of building important relationships or doing what’s best for the company. This is your chance to think about the needs of others.)

And for bonus points, ask yourself what your grateful for this week. A gratitude list keeps everything in perspective.

If there are more names and situations on your inventory than you expected, don’t get discouraged. Each week it will improve.

Remember, successful people are passionate about packing their unique energy into every aspect of life. Leave no stone unturned. And don’t let anyone tell you that there are limits to you and that you need to divvy up yourself. Trust me. There is more than enough of you. If you think you need more you, go back to the Well. Only this time, don’t bring a thimble.

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