Are your competitors really who you think?

I always ask potential clients who they think are their competitors whenever I first speak to them. A ready made list follows the majority of the time. A subsequent competitor analysis will sometimes prove them right but, most often, their competitors are not who they think.

Long-time rivals or companies with similar value propositions should not be the sole entities on the short list of competitors. Developing a true sense of competition must take into account those who rank in search engines above you for critical keyword terms.

For example, I recently spoke with a nonprofit purchasing agent for other nonprofits. One of their biggest categories of products are office supplies. We quickly identified the keyword “office supplies for nonprofits” as one of their most important keywords. A quick Google search brought back at least ten organizations that were not on their original list of competitors. The client had heard of some of them and brushed them off as they didn’t play in their niche space. But the problem, I pointed out, is that potential customers don’t think that way. If my potential client wanted to capture those interested in “office supplies for nonprofits” they needed to figure out a way to be more relevant in search engines than every website listed on the first page, niche or no niche.

A thorough keyword research and competitor analysis at the start, or refresh, of any search engine optimization campaign is critical. These reports will identify core sets of keywords and websites who currently own market share. An analysis of top-ranking websites will help develop the roadmap for SEO tactics. It takes an open mind and a willingness to learn from others in order to rank in the first page of Google and Bing.

With this in mind, right now Kilmurry Digital Marketing is offering a free competitor analysis and keyword research report for any new client (a $440 value!). The offer is part of the first month of service. Contact us today to get a true idea of what your customers are looking for and the competitors who stand in your way.


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